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Automotive test system

Range of interfaces including CAN

The Magic CAR³ by Goepel (Germany) is a modular test system architecture, which is modularly scalable and miniaturized. Due to its structure and test resources it can be integrated or parallelized to autarchic operating test clusters.

A benefit of the product is the provision of automotive relevant bus interfaces including CAN (Photo: Goepel)

The test system is part of an accompanying test environment during the design stage of electronic control units (ECUs). It can also be utilized during end-of-line tests, quality assurance, or in parallel/run-in tests of automotive electronics. Bus communication is the focal point of Magic CAR³. Applications such as Restbus simulation, provision of network management functions, or transport and diagnostic protocols are just a part of the entire service portfolio.

The provision of relevant bus interface types such as CAN, LIN, Flexray, K-line, Most, LVDS, and their OEM-specific characteristics in real-time is one feature of the product. The system architecture is complemented by integration opportunities of additional conventional test resources such as analog and digital I/O or relays with switching currents of up to 40 A.

The Series 61 communication controller is the system’s central control unit. The integrated real-time PC manages and synchronizes all test resources. Its Gigabit Ethernet interface provides networking capability. Supported by an onboard operating system, the communication controller can be programmed and adjusted to user requirements. Additionally, the operating system runs autarchic, completely independent of a PC host system.


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