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Software update for CAN FD tool

For the second time in 2016, the Star Cooperation’s Flex Config RBS software will undergo an update. The configuration tool for remaining bus simulations and gateways supports even more bus systems.

Flex Config RBS and Flex Device-L: Solution for signal generation, manipulation, visualization, and recording of bus data (Photo: Star Cooperation)

Assisted by the Flex Config RBS software, the Flex Device tools configure gate- ways and remaining bus simulations autonomously without a personal computer being necessary during operation. With the help of the manipulation editor, the user can actively influence the frames and signals to be sent at any given time. Visualizing bus data on a tablet or smartphone completed the package’s solutions portfolio so far. In addition to the CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, Broad R-Reach and Flexray A-channel bus systems, the 4.2 version now also supports Flexray’s B-channel in its entirety.

The now published release 4.2 once again expands the abilities of Flex Config RBS. For instance, bus data can now also be logged on the Flex Device-L, a part of the company’s Flex Device product family. In doing so, the data stream is being saved in an MDF format on an internal SD card within the device.


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