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Electronica 2016

CAN option for oscilloscopes

Rigol Technologies expands their DS/MSO4000 mid-range oscilloscope series and now offers decode options for CAN and LIN.

Rigol will exhibit at the Electronica 2016 from November 8 to 11 in Munich (Germany) at booth 224 in hall A1 (Photo: Rigol)

Users can step into the DS/MSO4000 oscilloscope series with a cost-effective model, and if necessary make a software upgrade to a higher level of functionality when the measuring tasks change. A typical case for the need for bandwidth expansion is when steeper pulse edges have to be measured or when the frequency of the test signal has increased. For this, Rigol offers three upgrade options, both for the 4000 series DS (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) models and for the MSO (mixed-signal oscilloscopes) models. These extensions can be implemented on already purchased oscilloscopes as well, provided that the latest firmware version has been installed.

In the area of education and universities, and especially in industrial applications like development or test labs, users can gain initial experience with a favorable starter model. Upgrades can then address more demanding tasks with higher bandwidth, so that the company’s oscilloscopes can also withstand a comparison with other providers. In addition, Rigol offers a set of all software options at the price of the least expensive one. For the MSO/DS4000 series, all software options for the decoding of the serial buses CAN, EIA-232/UART, I2C, SPI, LIN, and Flexray are available.

When purchasing a DS/MSO4000 oscilloscope, at the moment all BND-MSO/DS4000 options (serial bus decoding bundle) are included for free. In addition to purchasing the actually required option, users can get all other options at no extra cost. Thus they are well prepared for future applications, as this package covers extended future tasks, and there will be no further investment necessary. The latest firmware version is required for these options. This promotion will end on December 31, 2016.


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