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CAN analyzing software

Includes a CAN database and an editor

Wineman Technology has introduced the CANalytics software platform. It supports different CAN interfaces such as NI’s Xnet and AVT-853 from Advanced Vehicle Technology.

The CANalytics software platform views the bus traffic and can send dedicated messages on the bus (Photo: Wineman)

On CAN networks, devices are equipped with controller chips to allow them to see, filter, and prioritize messages. “Traditional CAN analysis tools created to provide an interface and automate devices on the network are extremely extensive and subsequently expensive,” explained the US-based provider of the CANalytics platform. “Because much functionality often goes unused and the tool is needed during only a portion of development, the cost of an advanced platform is difficult to justify.” The software tool from Wineman Technology makes all the benefits of CAN accessible in one cohesive application with a CAN interface as a standalone executable.

R&D and test organizations use CAN to simulate an ECU and test resulting signals. With the CANalytics platform, engineers can develop custom applications through a CAN interface, and use that interface to integrate automated processes. The platform includes a CAN database and an message editor. "With CANalytics, we're offering tools to engineers that were previously only available from proprietary sources and worked with a single hardware platform," said Matt Eurich, President of Wineman Technology. "It comprehensively addresses CAN diagnostics and automation so engineers can maximize the data available from their CAN network through an easy-to-use platform."

Also unlike other CAN interface platforms, the tool will work with a variety of CAN hardware, reducing overall test system cost. It currently supports NI-XNET and Advanced Vehicle Technologies AVT-853 hardware. The tool provider plans to add support for additional hardware platforms over time. The platform supports the import/export of .dbc files (Vector) and XML databases (Labview). It can simulate an ECU (electronic control unit) from a CAN perspective as defined by the database file. Additionally, it collects and catalogs bus traffic to trace windows and log files. Other functions include sending outgoing messages and viewing all CAN traffic. With a program/scripting language the test sequences can be automated.


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