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CAN tools – then and now

The first CAN tools appeared in the early 90ties. In the meantime, those bus analyzing tools feature an interpretation on the application layer and above.

1993: CAN analyzing tool with an ISA CAN interface board (Photo: Vector)

Martin Litschel, one of the CAN pioneers and one of the founders of Vector, gives in his article an overview from the early days of CAN tools to the latest developments. He describes the way from MS-DOS based software tools to the nowadays CANoe/CANalyzer tools. “Today’s tools must be able to handle extreme real-time requirements with reactions in the sub-microsecond range,” he summarized. Regarding CAN FD, he stated: On big advantage of CAN FD is that the existing CAN concepts such as bus arbitration, message detection, event control, etc. are retained and the developers do not need to deal with a completely different behavior.”

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Martin Litschel (Vector)
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