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CAN decoder and trigger functions

Rigol has launched the CAN-DS2000 analyzing software for its DS2000A series of digital oscilloscopes and its MSO2000A series of mixed signal oscilloscopes.

The CAN decoder software interprets the CAN bit-stream (Photo: Rigol)

When using the CAN decoding software, the user needs to select the bit-rate (e.g. 100 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s) and the sample point (5 % to 95 % in 1-% steps). The sampled frames are decoding and presented on the oscilloscope’s screen. The decoding table displays the decoded data, the corresponding time, CAN-ID, DLC, CRC, and ACK fields. The trigger functions of the oscilloscopes include SOF, last bit of EOF, and on frame type (data, remote, error, and overload). Additionally, the products can trigger on dedicated CAN-IDs or data content.

The company headquartered in China and represented in Germany by Meilhaus serves about 60 countries. It provides also waveform generators, digital multimeters, DC power supplies, spectrum analyzers, RF signal generators, and data acquisition products. According to Christain Rau from Rigol Germany, CAN FD decoding software is under development. The Classical CAN decoder is also available for the other oscilloscopes, e.g. the DS6000 series.


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