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Oscilloscope and data recorder

Combining CAN data and voltage signals

The DL350 scopecorder by Yokogawa provides two module slots, which can be equipped with CAN decoder and a voltage unit, for example.

The DL350 can display on its 8,4-inch monitor simultaneously CAN signals (speed: green; accelerator pedal position: purple) and analog values (battery level: yellow) as trends (Photo: Yokogawa)

The DL350 oscilloscope provides up to eight analog channels and up to 16 digital channels. The supplier offers 18 types of plug-in modules for the battery-powered instrument. It is a combination of oscilloscope and data recorder. In the recorder mode, the product record continuously data for a configured interval. A setup wizard guides the operator through the entire setup process. In the scope mode, the product can be used just like an oscilloscope. Using the history memory enables up to 1000 separate triggered acquisitions to be captured to the internal memory and viewed afterwards. Thus the causes and effects of abnormalities can be analyzed as paging through a photo album.

The CAN plug-in module supports 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers (Photo: Yokogawa)

The CAN monitoring module for the DL350 oscilloscope acquires (extracts) the CAN-ID and the CAN data fields. It can interpret this information depending on the channel settings (for example, "oil pressure" or "RPM"). It also can re-sample the data and converts it to time series data. Data sections can be specified on up to 16 signals per port for a total of up to 32 channels per module. The CAN module supports 11-bit and 29-bit IDs. Arbitrary locations and bit lengths can be specified for extraction purposes. Extracted data is stored in memory at up to 100 000 sample/s while simultaneously being displayed on screen as trends. CANdb files (.dbc format) are supported. Using the supplier's free-of-charge Symbol Editor running under Windows allows converting a CANdb file to proprietary symbol definition file (.sbl format) and import that file.

Using the CAN module in combination with a voltage module enables the user to monitor for example the battery level in relation to the gas pedal and the acceleration and extracted from the CAN data frames. The DL350 extracts the relevant signals from the CAN messages and displays them in relation to the analog signals. This allows testing the ECU (electronic control unit) in the interaction with the battery.


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