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With CAN decoder

Rigol has introduced a CAN decoder feature for its DS2000E 20-MHz oscilloscopes. The instrument comes with an 8-inch color display.

The DS2000E features 1 Gsample/s and can store up to 28 million points on its channels (Photo: Rigol)

The DS2000E series of oscilloscope are designed to meet the requirements of the so-called economy class. The 100-MHz or 200-MHz models provide two analog channels and a vertical range of 500 µV/div to 10 µV/div. There are various serial trigger and decoders for different digital communication interfaces including for CAN as well as LIN available. The instrument can control the two channels individually. It provides dedicated keys and knobs for waveform recording, playback, and search.

The product can used the Rx, Tx, CAN_H, CAN_L, and the CAN differential signals. Additionally, the decoder triggers on SOF, EOF, frame type, and error frames. The CAN sample point is configurable as well as the bit-rate. All kinds of CAN frames can be decoded (data, remote, error, and overload).


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