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Interprets J1939 and NMEA 2000 messages

Yacht Devices has developed the CAN Log Viewer tool. Additionally, the company provides a USB-to-CAN dongle.

The CAN Log Viewer shows the raw CAN data and provides an interpretation on the application level (Photo: Yacht Devices)

The data viewer tool is able to show the parameters as specified in J1939DA and NMEA 2000 (IEC 61162-3). Connecting the tool to the appropriate CAN-based networks it can display the most important J1939 data and all NMEA 2000 data for two engines. Additionally, the user can record and show NMEA 2000 environmental data and navigation data. Owners of the company’s Voyage Recorder can view recorded data, and owners of Wi-Fi and USB gateways can view live data with viewers. The tool also allows recording of live data to the file.

“Of course, it is not a replacement of navigation software, and it is not a replacement of an information display, but it can be used for network troubleshooting, during testing, in trials and for setup,” stated the company on its website. “Many of our customers like to see what is inside, and we are glad to offer a free, simple tool.”

The CAN Engine Gateway YDEG-04 dongle links CAN networks to USB (Photo: Yacht Devices)

The current firmware (version 1.17) of Engine Gateway YDEG-04 dongle does not support all the promised features. But the developers have the missing things on their To-Do list. The transmission alerts have been added already. To turn-off transmission alerts, the user sets the TRANMISSION_ALERT_MASK value to zero. It works in the same way as the setting for engine alerts. The HOURS_OFFSET parameter is supported now. The current parameters (SPN 114, SPN 115) are reported with battery voltage. The gateway dongle processes the "Water In Fuel Indicator" parameter group (PGN 65279). This data is used in the engine status. To suppress this alert, set the NMEA_ALERT_MASK to FFFEFFh. “This sounds tricky, but we hope that Section VI.5 of the Manual demystifies this magic very clear,” commented the supplier.


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