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Upgrade of monitoring and analyzing tool

Together with Peak-System, the Embedded Systems Academy (both Germany) has launched the Lite Version of their CANopen Magic monitoring and analyzing tool.

Symbolic trace window (Photo: Embedded Systems Academy)

While the other versions of this tool support multiple CAN interfaces, this entry-level utility only works with Peak hardware and can therefore be offered at an attractive price, said the company. Nevertheless, it offers all basic features required to monitor a CANopen or CANopen FD network or to set the configuration of a device.

The symbolic trace shows all detailed information for SDO accesses: which object (by index and sub-index) at which node was addressed. Multiple read/write windows can be used to access objects in CANopen devices, for example to test a variety of configurations.

This version of the tool is available through Peak-System. Technical support by email is included for one year. Interested users can visit the CANopen Magic web pages for an overview of the different versions and their capabilities. The "ultimate" version can directly simulate CANopen devices, simply by loading the EDS files describing the devices.


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