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Protocol monitor

Comes with trial mode

Gemac has launched its CANvision protocol monitor featuring trial mode.

This software enhancement is downloadable from the supplier’s website (Photo: Gemac)

The protocol monitor includes symbolic protocol decoders for CANopen, CANopen FD as well as J1939, Isobus (ISO 11783 series), and NMEA 2000. The downloadable software enhancement is limited to runtime ending after five minutes. Then the user has to restart. The positions of the client windows are saved so that the user can continue right away.

Saving files is not possible, but importing and exporting files from the CANtouch protocol monitor is. It is now possible to decode the trace data of CANtouch and output it in a CSV file without having to purchase an additional software license. The CANtouch transmission lists can also be edited very conveniently in the transmission window. The trial mode is available to customers, who have purchased only part of the licenses. There, too, it is now possible to test the other functions and decide whether a purchase makes sense.


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