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Interpreting CAN with logic analyzer

Ikalogic (France) has launched a series of test instruments. The SP209 is a nine-channels, 200‑MHz logic analyzer which is able to interpret CAN protocols.

The logic channels can be multiplexed with dedicated industrial inputs that can be directly connected to CAN (Photo: Ikalogic)

The series aims to analyze CMOS logic signals and industrial networks alike. The SP209 integrates specialized receivers for most common industrial networks like CAN, LIN, EIA‑485, or EIA‑232. The logic analyzers provide 200‑MHz sampling rate, but unlike many competitor’s solutions, it allows the user to use all nine channels at the maximum sampling rate. No more trade-offs between the number of active channels and the sampling rate.

This is possible due to an embedded 2‑Gb memory that buffers the captured signals before sending them to the computer to be displayed. Another important advantage is the Trigger IN and Trigger OUT SMA connectors that allow a user to synchronize the product to other lab equipment, eventually building a test setup. Last but not least, this latest series of logic analyzers offers state mode operation with an external clock up to 50 MHz and comes with a software that provides in-depth analysis and protocol decoding features. The series comes in two versions, a standard version and an industrial version. It is available from the company’s reseller in Scandinavia and the Baltic area, called The LAB eShop.


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