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Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Binaural recording and playback systems support CAN FD

On stand 8366 at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019, Head Acoustics exhibits its latest binaural recording and playback technology where CAN FD plays a role, too.

(Photo: Automotive Testing Expo / Head Acoustics)

Over 30 years ago, Head Acoustics introduced binaural recording and playback technology and it has continued to refine the technology ever since. At this year’s exhibition, the German company presents a number of refinements and upgrades, such as the Squadriga III mobile frontend and the Artemis Suite for analysis.

The company also highlights the compatibility of its systems with the CAN FD network. Squadriga III, labDX supports it natively, while the older Squadriga II can be made compatible using an adapter. Squadriga III records the relevant information from the CAN FD data stream via the CAN FD interface and decodes it online on the device.

For applications with higher channel counts, the company offers the option of recording CAN FD data with a modular Headlab system. The latest version of the labDX input module is available for this purpose. An existing Squadriga II only requires the CAN FD adapter CLD VII.2 to process the corresponding bus files. In the decoder project in Artemis Suite, the CAN FD data stream is decoded.


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