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8-channel automotive oscilloscope

Pico Technology launched the Picoscope 4823, its first eight-channel oscilloscope for the automotive market. It is suitable for those involved in advanced diagnostics, training, or vehicle design.

(Source: Pico Technology)

The eight channels allow multiple sensors, actuators, and Classical CAN / CAN FD signals to be monitored at the same time at up to 80 mega samples per second. It is ready-configured for automotive probes and includes more than 150 guided tests, plus access to thousands of comparisons in the Pico waveform library which now supports eight channels.

The 4823 inputs have common grounds protected by self-resetting fuses; this offers less input protection than the floating input design of the two and four channel 4225/4425 Picoscopes, but by sharing grounds it makes connecting up its eight channels quicker.

The 4823 oscilloscope is for the expert user with complex problems to diagnose, while the 4425 remains the scope of choice for general workshop use. Other specifications are what to expect from a deep-memory Picoscope, with 12-bit resolution, 20 MHz bandwidth, buffer memory, and USB 3.0 interface.


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