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Reducing software set-up time

Accurate Technologies (ATI) has launched the latest update of its CAN network analysis tool, CANLab. It supports also CAN FD.

(Source: Accurate Technologies)

CANLab 5.0 provides added compatibility for CAN and LIN networks with support for CAN FD, updated XCP message decoding ability, support for new devices, and improved usability.

“We listen to our customers’ needs, and the desire for faster, more flexible, cost-effective, and user intuitive tools are always a priority, which is why we have removed some of the complexities associated with analysis tool set-up and operation,” said Derrick Gowen, Vice President, Accurate Technologies. “For example, we’ve modernized the software license application and maintenance processes to provide ease of license management.”

Users will now also benefit from ATI’s Client Services management tool to oversee their CANLab software licensing application and maintenance. Use of the same external Client Services management tool as other ATI software products, such as Vision, provides a common, simplified process for controlling and troubleshooting various ATI software licenses and toolkits.

CANLab 5.0 has been designed to complement the existing system’s benefits of being able to support a variety of hardware interfaces and industry standard CAN and LIN databases. CANLab users benefit from the software’s ability to view network activity, send, and receive signals, record and replay data for analysis, manipulate data and check statistics, all in real-time, while the XCP message decoding enables real-time translation of the XCP messages into an readable command and response message view.

The updated version also provides greater compatibility with the adopted Kvaser DBC Editor and CAN drivers, of which up-to-date versions are now included: V3.1.1010 and V5.22.392, respectively. Usage of these drivers provides better support of Kvaser’s latest hardware offerings, including support of the Hybrid CAN/LIN interface and CAN FD messaging.

The intuitive nature of CANLab 5.0 includes a management layout for navigation and clearer display of information. For example, it now enables the automatic assigning of a LIN channel for LIN message playback.


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