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Tools support J1939 protocols

TK Engineering (Finland) has extended its CANtrace tool to analyze J1939. The PC software product traces, decodes, and plots messages and parameters in real-time.

The analyzer can also log messages and can post-process them in office (Source: TK Engineering)

In the trace view, J1939 parameter groups (PG) are decoded to human readable format. In addition, the PC-based tool supports the J1939 transport layer protocol and can both send and receive suspect parameter embedded in transport layer segments.

The tool comes with a J1939 database in DBC format. This allows natively decoding the standardized 8-byte J1939 messages. They are specified in the SAE J1939 Digital Annex. The software also supports combining the included J1939 database with a customer-specific database. This enables the decoding of vehicle-specific parameters.

The software tool needs an interface module to connect the PC to the CAN bus-lines. If customers like to use an already existing interface module, just a license from TK Engineering is needed. CAN interface products from Kvaser, Peak Systems, and Vector are supported by default. For Kvaser and Vector hardware, the license is tied to the hardware. For Peak modules, the license is tied to the PC. Several people may share the tool, as long as they use the same Kvaser or Vector hardware.


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