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Recording data

Classical CAN and CAN FD data-loggers

CSS Electronics has introduced the CANedge pro CAN logger series. The dual CAN logger records raw Classical CAN/CAN FD data to an industrial 8 GiB to 32 GiB SD card.

The CANedge1 and CANedge2 (Source: CSS)

The CANedge1 and CANedge2 loggers are 100 % standalone, meaning no PC is required. With bit rate auto detection, users simply connect the device to their CAN network to start logging data.

The raw Classical CAN and CAN FD data is stored in the MDF4 format, allowing for direct integration in various CAN tools. This includes the free, open source asammdf GUI/API, which lets users edit, DBC convert and plot your data. It's also possible to convert the data to e.g. *.csv, *.asc, *.mat, pandas, and other popular formats. The data can be collected by extracting the SD card - or by auto-pushing the data to a server.

With the CANedge2, data can be automatically uploaded to an own server via a WiFi access point (e.g. a WLAN router or 3G/4G hotspot). WiFi/server credentials are encrypted on the SD card and data is securely transferred via HTTPS. The device uses the S3 interface, meaning that it directly integrates with major cloud servers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) - as well as free, open source alternatives like MinIO. Server files can be managed via the CANcloud telematics platform - as well as the S3 APIs. The device also enables over-the-air configuration/firmware updates.

The series is suitable for fleet telematics, vehicle field tests, diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and more. All software is 100 % free and open source - with no subscription fees or vendor lock-in.


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