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Six-channel router and data-logger for Classical CAN and CAN FD

The German company Peak-System Technik has expanded its product range by the freely programmable PCAN-Router Pro FD. The router connects the data traffic of up to six CAN FD or Classical CAN networks.

(Source: Peak-System)

The routing from Classical CAN to CAN FD or vice versa allows the integration of CAN FD applications into existing CAN networks. Furthermore, the PCAN-Router Pro FD can also be used as a data-logger for recording CAN data and error frames. The router in an aluminum housing is equipped with six CAN FD channels, four digital inputs and outputs, and one analog input. For recording, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and a slot for an additional SD card are available.

In addition, a backup battery can be used to ensure a controlled switch-off, for example, in case of a power interruption. The company also offers various hardware options. Thus, the product can be equipped with an Ethernet or BroadR-Reach interface as well as with alternative transceiver modules for each CAN channel.

The behavior of the device is programmable using the C/C++ programming language. Numerous examples from the provided SDK demonstrate the implementation of the various functions and facilitate the development of an own application.


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