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TK Engineering (TKE) has released version 3.17 of its CANtrace software. This release adds playback of log files to the CAN network, which can be used for simulation, testing, and bus traffic generation.

(Source: TK Engineering)

Any log file in ASC format can be used to generate data on the CAN network. For those working with J1939 this release adds masking of priority bits in J1939 databases. This allows using the default priority in the database, while still matching messages on the network that uses a different priority. This feature works well with the included J1939 database, which in this release has been enhanced with the DM1 and Address Claimed messages, which are common in J1939 networks.

A number of usability features have also been added. The fixed view in the trace tab can now be sorted on any column, also while on-bus and receiving data. There is an additional toolbar button for opening the frequently used CAN settings dialog. Also the redundant level in the right click menu has now been removed for faster access to options in the trace, data, and graph tabs, explained the company.

This release also includes version 3.9.864 of the Kvaser Database Editor, as well as a number of bugfixes. One of the is that timestamps are no longer corrupted at high busloads. This was happening when users did both tx and rx on the same channel, combined with a relatively high busload.

In addition the toolbar buttons have been fixed to scale properly, the send tab has been improved with verification of entered parameters and there were situations where CANtrace would crash when users used the report-a-bug feature which has now been resolved.


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