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Supporting Classical CAN and CAN FD

Yokogawa released the DLM5000 series mixed signal oscilloscopes targeted for automotive, mechatronics, and electronics research and development.

The DLM500 series offers a twofold sampling rate and storage capability of its predecessor DLM4000 series (Source: Yokogawa)

The 350-MHz and 500-MHz models were introduced to the market on August 31. The oscilloscopes can be used for development and debugging of semiconductors, electronic devices, and embedded firmware. Simultaneous measurement of analog signals and digital signals based on CAN, CAN FD, and other in-vehicle networks is offered. Operation status analysis of the power electronics (e.g. in energy-generating systems) is possible as well.

The oscilloscopes provide four or eight analog input channels. It is possible to show signals from up to eight analog inputs simultaneously. A 16-bit (or optionally 32-bit) digital channel input can be shown as well. While simultaneous viewing, the maximum sampling rate of 2,5 giga samples per second is possible. This is the twofold sampling rate of the DLM4000 predecessor series. With the planned Dlmsync function it will be possible to simultaneously measure signals from up to 16 analog channels and two 32-bit digital channels by connecting two DLM5000 oscilloscopes. The devices also can be used in combination with the company’s Scopecorders, power analyzers, and other products.

It is possible to store up to 500 million points of acquired data i.e. up to 100 000 waveforms in the internal storage. A trigger option supporting the CXPI (clock extension peripheral interface) function allows to display the captured waveforms and the correlated signal analysis results on the same screen. The user interface includes a jog shuttle, rotary knobs, and a larger touch screen as DLM4000. The device supports the USB 3.0 interface allowing to transfer large amounts of data for storage on a PC.


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