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Mobile oscilloscope

Analyzing CAN FD signals

The MSO2000 (mixed signal oscilloscope) series by Acute Technology offers the function of a logic analyzer, a protocol analyzer, and a digital storage oscilloscope.

Due to its size, the MSO2000 is suitable for mobile service works (Source: Acute Technology)

The portable PC-based device has a size of a mobile phone (123 mm x 76 mm x 21 mm) and can be powered via the USB 3.0 port. Thus, it is a suitable solution for service and home-office applications. Variants with eight or 16 channels are available. The oscilloscope displays digital and analog waveforms of the same channel. Sample rates of 2 GHz (timing) and up to 200 MHz for state analysis of digital inputs are given. For analog inputs the samples rate of up to 200 Msample/s with bandwidth of 40 MHz and a 12-bit resolution are possible.

Up to 90 protocol interpreters can be used with the oscilloscope. These include Classical CAN and CAN FD protocol analyzing and decoding functions. The device offers an open protocol interface feature allowing to integrate a customer-specific protocol. The internal memory (hard disk drive) of up to 8 GiB is implemented. It is also possible to activate the streaming-mode using a PC-working-memory.


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