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Webinar and updates

Storing and visualizing of CAN telematic data

In a free-of-charge webinar CSS Electronics informs about how to visualize CAN data in free, customizable dashboards. It starts on April 27, 2021 (17:00 UTC+2).

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CSS Electronics’ co-owner Martin Falch leads the webinar hosted by Influxdata. Covered topics explain how the CANedge2 CAN logger works. The logger records time-stamped automotive CAN data (e.g. speed, temperatures, GPS) to an SD card and connects via WiFi/3G/4G access points to upload the data to the end user’s servers. Mr. Falch presents how to create a customized telematics dashboard and how to visualize CAN data via Influxdb Cloud and the Grafana application. Example use cases (for J1939, OBD2, NMEA 2000, etc.) and live dashboard demonstrations are planned to be shown. It is also intended to inform about user case studies and to answer attendees’ questions.

SavvyCAN for CLX000 CAN loggers

SavvyCAN now supports the streaming and log files for the CLX000 data-loggers (Source: CSS Electronics)

SavvyCAN is a free open-source GUI (graphical user interface) software tool for analyzing of CAN data. Now, it supports (real-time) streaming and log files for the CL1000, CL2000, and CL3000 data-loggers from CSS Electronics. The software offers diverse CAN sniffing and reverse engineering tools for diagnostics and analysis of CAN data. The data can be decoded according to the DBC (data base CAN) for OBD2 and J1939. Plotting of CAN signals (also in real-time) can be realized. Windows and Linux are the supported operating systems.

The plug-and-play CLX000 CAN logger and USB interface devices record CAN data to an 8-GiB (optionally 32-GiB) SD card. The CL2000 additionally timestamps the data using a real-time clock. The loggers can work as standalone devices without a PC. Recorded data can be extracted via USB. Using the CL3000, the logged bus traffic can be also transferred via Wifi. Power can be supplied via the 9-pin Dsub connector on the CAN side or via USB. The CAN loggers are suitable for vehicle fleet management (trucks, buses, harvesters, cars), prototype field testing, diagnostics, or reverse engineering.

Further company updates

The latest firmware update 01.04.02 improves the Wifi stability of the CANedge2. The CANmod.gps and CANmod.temp sensor modules are currently in the final development phase. The units can be used as standalone sensor modules and as plug-and-play add-on modules for the CANedge1 and CANedge2 loggers.


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