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4-channel, 500-MHz MSO

Hameg’s (Germany) division Rohde & Schwarz has developed the HMO3000 series of mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSO) with 2 or 4 analog channels plus 16 logic-channels. The 300-MHz and 400-MHz versions can be extended to 500 MHz via software upgrades.

FOR THE INTRODUCED MSO SERIES, the provider offers the H0012 option for decoding and analyzing the CAN frames. It decodes the CAN frames on the analog channels, as well as the digital channels. Recently, the provider announced updates for the Labview driver software.
The MSO devices feature an 8-MiB memory for the captured frames. The memory can be segmented into blocks. The size of the blocks is configurable. Each block can be triggered so that each triggered message has its own memory block. This avoids the storage of data the user is not interested in.
The MSO also provides a trigger-out output, which can be used for external storage devices. Like all other scopes from the HMO family, the MSO devices feature vertical sensitivity of the analog channels of 1 mV/Div.

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