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Open-source analyzer for CAN networks

Tiny-CAN View by MHS Elektronik (Germany) is the open-source (only for Linux) CAN analyzer usable on Windows, Linux and Mac (in preparation) systems. The software is suited for long-lasting measuring. It is compatible to all company’s Tiny-CAN products.

THE ANALYZER SUPPORTS THE FEATURES OF Tiny-CAN devices e.g. the hardware-interval-timer. The communication with the hardware is done via the Tiny-CAN API (application programming interface), which is provided with the open-source license for the Linux version. The software supports the plug-and-play function, multi-threading (e.g. for tracing and monitoring) as well as trace-data storage and loading. Callback functions fulfill the event-control without blocking the main thread. The software provides adjustable size for send and receive FIFO.

Filtering and separate monitoring of CAN messages is possible. Beside the common-usable CAN bit-rates other “exotic” rates (e.g. 33,3 kBit/s) may be chosen. Data is put in and displayed in hexadecimal, decimal, Ascii or binary formats.

The Tiny CAN interfaces may be used in the Profilab development environment. By means of a plug-in, the CAN hardware data may be read, processed and visualized in Profilab. The plug-in is available for 50 € in the online shop of the manufacturer.


Tiny-CAN View

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