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CAN analyzing and configuration tool

RTeam-Software (Germany) has released the StreamStudio software running on PCs interfaced to CAN networks. It analyzes the bus traffic and supports the configuration of nodes via the CAN network.

RTEAM-SOFTWARE IS A GROUP OF STUDENTS from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). They have developed the StreamStudio tool. The low-level driver supports CAN interfaces from Ixxat (Germany), Peak (Germany) and Marathon (Russia). In the near future, the tool will also serve CAN interface from Kvaser (Sweden) and Vector (Germany). Marathon accompanied the development and tested the software tool.

The number of CAN interfaces supported by the tool is just limited by the PC resources. The recorded or artificially generated log-files can be played back in real-time. The tool is extendable by means of with plug-ins. Additionally, the analyzer and configuration is able to exchange data with user software. The GUI (graphical user interface) is based on MS Office Ribbon. The 30-days demo-version of the software tool can be downloaded without registration free-of-charge. User manuals are available in a English and a Russian.