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Analyzing tool with remaining bus simulation capability

Schleissheimer (Germany) presents its CanEasy analyzer tool at the Automotive Testing Expo 2012 in Stuttgart (Germany). The leading fair for new developments and technologies within the world of automotive testing, evaluation and quality engineering is held from June 12th to 14th. The bus analyzer is also demonstrated by Softing Automotive Electronics, a partner company.

"CANEASY MAKES THE WORK OF ECU DEVELOPERS AND tester easier and faster. The software is self-configuring to a large extent and users are ready to work productively within minutes,” said Hans-Joachim Schleissheimer. “We are happy to present our technologies here together with our partners X2E and Softing.” The analysis and testing environment is suitable for CAN and LIN. The software provides a remaining bus simulation that lets real and simulated ECUs communicate realistically. Within a few seconds, a complete vehicle environment with a nearly unlimited amount of parallel buses can be generated from a communication matrix (dbc or ldf file). Basic functions, like cyclical or spontaneous message transmission as well as tools for the analysis of value changes are available automatically. The users can also realize testing scenarios using the software’s set of plug-ins. Even more sophisticated requirements and application processes can be implemented using the integrated development environments VBA (Microsoft Visual Basic) or VSTA (Visual Studio for Applications). The bus analyzer can be used anywhere in the development chain, from testing up to implementation. The Schleissheimer company was founded in 1993 and is specialized in soft- and hardware development for micro-controller in real-time systems. The company also performs software tests according to the automotive industry’s standards. In addition, it develops software and hardware products including tools for development, analysis, and simulation of CAN and LIN networks. The company has almost 20 years of experience in developing automotive ECUs for suppliers and OEMS like Continental or John Deere.

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