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Monitoring and analyzing the CAN traffic

At the EmbeddedWorld 2012, Schleissheimer (Germany) presented its CanX On-Board tool, which monitors and analyzes data during a vehicle’s operation. The automotive-ready hardware running Windows CE can be installed directly inside the vehicle.

THE CAN MONITOR AND ANALYZER IS able to analyze data transmission during a vehicle’s operation. Furthermore, the tool can send commands or monitor specific signals. It is based on the CanEasy analysis and testing software environment. The software reproduces realistic communication behavior by integrating real and simulated ECUs (remaining bus simulation). The working environment is generated and configured automatically, and is extendable. It supports an import function for communication matrices (.dbc or .ldf files) that automatically creates vehicle environments for multiple networks. According to Hans-Joachim Schleissheimer it is planned to provide a J1939 support in the near future. CanEasy can be used throughout the development process, from testing to production. The PC-based tool supports the CAN-to-USB interface modules from, Kvaser (Leaf series), MHS (tinyCAN series), National Instruments (NI USB 8473), Peak (PCAN-USB series, RM Michaelides (CANview), Softing (CANUSB) as well as other CAN PC interface products from Sorcus (CANbox) and Vector (CANcard, etc.).

The company also provides hardware and software development services. It performs the complete development process, from the first sketch to series production. Small batches are produced at the company’s own production facilities; larger orders are carried out with the help of partners.