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Tool for ECU and network analysis

The software analysis tool for ECU networks and distributed systems CANalyzer by Vector (Germany) is available as version 8.0. It allows to observe, analyze, and supplement data traffic in CAN, LIN, Most, or Flexray systems.

THE TOOL OFFERS INTUITIVE OPERATION from a graphic block diagram, which depicts data flow from the bus over the PC interface to the various screen evaluation windows as well as the log file. The system is parameterized in this block diagram. Additionally the user may place function blocks on the diagram and configure them, e.g. filter, generator, and replay blocks. Supported protocols for CAN networks include J1939, NMEA 2000, CANopen, Arinc 810/812/825/826 and CANaerospace.
The added features of the tool comprise the CANalyzer Beginner mode, which helps the beginners with setup monitoring, stimulation and logging use cases. Improved was also the GUI framework with its docking concept and toolbar as well as the CAPL browser with the integrated development environment. Also added was a display of date and time at the graphic window X-axis. An optionally integrated oscilloscope solution allows e.g. for bus-specific (CAN or LIN) trigger conditions, decoding of protocol errors (e.g. CAN error frames), and checking of CAN signal quality.
The tool may be used as a network analyzer and emulation system. For example, a replay block may be placed in the send branch for playing back previously logged data traffic of a functional bus system onto the bus. It is also possible to hide specific data traffic contents with a downstream filter. This makes it a suitable test environment for laboratory test of an ECU. Other use cases include emulation of bus modules, recording of bus voltage levels and analysis of the bus communication as well as creating simple remaining bus simulations and test sequences. The tool may also serve as a gateway between two buses with manipulation options. Program-triggered logging of critical phases and user-specific online evaluation with plain text messages are possible as well.

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