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IEC 61131

Safety tools simplify software design

At the Mobiltron 2014 seminar, 3S (Germany) presented their tool chain for safety-related software design using Codesys. The SIL-2 compliant approach supports CANopen Safety.

The Professional Developer Edition modules can be integrated into the IEC 61131-3 development system (Photo: 3S/Codesys)

Organized by STW (Germany), the seminar covered different topics including functional safety. Michael Schwarz from 3S reported on a software development according IEC 61131 with a SIL-2 qualified tool chain. The software house offers a Codesys runtime and development environment in a SIL-2 compliant version. It includes a CANopen Safety protocol implementation.

The safety-related software development environment comprises an UML generator for structured application design, the SVN tool for systematic code management, a static analyzer for white box quality metrics analysis, and a test manger for automated verification and design. The missing profiler for analyzing code runtime effects is still under development and will be released at the beginning of 2015.

The Professional Developer Edition modules can be integrated into the IEC 61131-3 development system (Photo: 3S/Codesys)

The Codesys profiler can observe freely definable runtime marks. The results of the runtime measurements are presented in a structured way. All functions are listed by name and number of calls. There is also a list presentation of all rows per object. Additionally, the tool time interlaces are given in a structured manner, and alarms are indicated for pre-defined conditions.

The test manager supports the creation of unit tests in IEC 61131-3 code, which does not influence the runtime behavior. It is suitable for automated testing of safety software. The test scripts and reports can be management and stored in a structured way. According to the software provider, the modules of the Codesys Professional Development Edition improve the application quality for administration, analysis, and test.

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