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Graphical development tool

Software application configuration

Pixy (Switzerland) has launched version 3.2 of its Pixy Application Designer (PAD). Following development work including a field study, it comes with a host of features including CAN and CANopen.

(Photo: Pixy)

THE PAD IS A GRAPHICAL DEVELOPMENT TOOL for software application configuration. It does not require specific programming knowledge and can offer considerable savings in time and money compared to conventional programming, says the company. The tool is user-friendly and can be used both for X86 and on ARM platforms.

The tool offers the following features:

  • Use of vector graphics components with an extended template library,
  • The replay function can replay past events that were displayed on a Pixy screenboard,
  • Communication over CAN, CANopen, and MVB,
  • Language toggling within an application,
  • Individual use of fonts and images (import function),Creation of a logic system to process events and actions,
  • Newly designed project documentation generated at the click of a mouse,
  • Option of creating a diagnostic system to process error messages.

The application, saved locally, is compiled by the PAD client and loaded straight to the screenboard. Alternatively, the application can also be displayed locally on the PAD client – and run in a separate window. Changes to the application can be made at any time.

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