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Updating multiple CANopen devices

The CANopen Update Manager by Emtas supports users to update CANopen devices. Often it is not a single CANopen device that must be updated, but rather a set of CANopen devices in a network.

For communicating with a device, the Update Manager uses CiA 302 (Photo: Emtas)

The CANopen Update Manager was designed for firmware downloads. Apart from direct firmware downloads, it offers the opportunity to put firmware files for all devices of a network together, add the configuration data, and create an update package.

With an additional plug-in, the CANopen Update Manager can update more than one device in a row. The user can create a list of devices that should be updated and the CANopen Update Manager runs each update without further input from the user. These lists could also be saved as so-called Update Packages after creation. These Update Packages hold all information required to update a complete CANopen network.

Existing Update Packages can be reloaded and modified at any time. So if anything has changed in the network configuration or a new update is available for one or more devices, it is not necessary to create a new Update Package. Instead an existing Update Package can simply be modified.

The network update also supports two different user types, engineers and service technicians. Thus, engineers can create and use Update Packages and service technicians can use existing Update Packages. This separation ensures that only experienced users have the ability to change the network configuration. For the communication with a device, the Update Manager uses CiA 302. On the device, a CANopen bootloader according to CiA 302 is required to operate the firmware update.


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