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TK Engineering (Finland) has released a new version of its CANopen configuration tool Conftool for configuring CANopen devices. It includes improvements for the user interface.

Screenshot of the TKE CANopen configuration tool (Photo: TK Engineering)

When doing a systematic design of CANopen networks, it is required that each CANopen device is equipped with specific node-configuration. The CANopen configuration tool developed by TK Engineering provides both automatic and manual configuration modes for engineers to download the configuration from a DCF file to CANopen node and vice versa. The tool gives users a full access to the Object Dictionary of the node and also to SDO and LSS services. When having the full access to Object Dictionary, the tool is suitable for R&D personnel when designing and testing new or existing modules in a CANopen system.

In addition to this, together with DCF- and EDS- files, the user can create their own XML configuration file in Configtool so that the user is able to automatically configure CANopen device for specific position in a system. e.g. each angle sensor on a crane boom needs specific configuration depending on where the sensor will be mounted.

CAN-to USB- interfaces supported by the tool are interfaces from manufactures such as Kvaser, Vector, and Peak. According to the company, the product can configure any CANopen device, using the EDS file and the default object dictionary view. But it also supports adding own GUI (Graphical User Interface) through an API (Application Programming Interface). Using these the users with programming experience are able to add their own customized GUI (Graphic User Interface) for specific CANopen products.

Making a custom GUI for a specific CANopen product, makes the configuration of application parameters easier for application experts, that do not have knowledge of CANopen or how the Object Dictionary works. Already bundled with the tool is a GUI for configuring the routing tables of TKE marine approved CAN switch/bridge WCS-10. Additional customized GUI can be supported on request. The latest version of the tool also includes support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


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