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For configuration of ECU test environments

Eberspaecher Electronics (Germany) updated the FlexConfig RBS tool (to version 2.3) for rapid configuration of ECU (for CAN and Flexray) test environments. Moreover, the tool offers the remaining bus simulation function.

THANKS TO ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS 7 with 64-bit technology, the software may be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The update offers features for custom configuration of the software. Customized complex algorithms may be stored directly in the software. Network signals may be transferred via Ethernet, evaluated and manipulated without additional analysis hardware. The update is rounded off with mixed-endian databases, the downward compatibility and the option of switching the CAN and Flexray controllers on and off via the User Function Editor or Ethernet. More than twice as many Flexray message buffers and the possibility of creating global arrays directly in the User Function Editor were included.
To permit a flexible use of company's FlexCard interface cards for CAN and Flexray, all variants come with a driver package that supports Windows 7 with 64-bit technology. The expanded address space allows usage of large main memories in test-bench computers and filter, transfer and evaluate extensive data volumes. Numerous connections for bus systems and PC, a uniform API and diverse trigger options facilitate data transfer. The cards are available as an internal PC interface card (PMC, PCI, PCIe, PCMCIA) and as an external hardware tool connectable via USB.
With the Testtools SDK, the company offers a software solution for connection of customer's applications to vehicle networks. The programming library features hardware access points for the FlexCard cards. These let set up a connection to CAN and Flexray networks. Such features as a signal-oriented API, a Fibex decoder and access to physical values and raw data are included. The start development kit allows decoding, transmitting and analyzing of data according to user's specifications. The contents of Fibex files may be accessed as well.