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Fixed CAN delay for timing stability

Racelogic (UK) has announced the release of firmware version 2.1 for the VBOX 3i GPS data logger range. The additional features include a fixed CAN delay.

The data logger is also used for mining trucks and other transportation (Photo: Racelogic)

THE FIXED CAN DELAY ENABLES AN ACCURATE GPS timing pulse, through which the latency in the CAN output can be set to a fixed delay. Whilst it makes the transmission delay longer than the average of standard output, the fixed delay ensures timing stability. Currently the latency is 8,5 ms ± 1 ms, but for those who require precisely fixed output timing, it can be set to 15,5 ms. Fixed CAN delay is only possible on Version 3 VBOX3i, VBOX 3i dual antenna, and VBOX 3i dual antenna RTK units. The GPS data logger is a test instruments for non-contact speed and distance measurement. It measures speed, position, acceleration, distance, slip angle, and vehicle pitch/roll angle. The 100-MHz dual-antenna option is used to test driver assistance systems. The data logger provides two CAN interfaces. Other additions in this update include multiple contact points, multiple static points for traffic sign recognition, dual antenna heading, four contact points for park assist testing, and an improved Kalman filter.

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