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Vehicle diagnostics

J1939-73 in heavy-duty diesel vehicles

Release 9.1 of Softing's (Germany) Diagnostic Tool Set 8 provides full support of Windows 8.1. It also comes with a J1939-73 protocol template for heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

(Photo: Softing)

WHEN USING THE FULL SOFTWARE PACKAGE, users who work for different vehicle manufacturers can toggle the manufacturer-specific behavior, so that just one PC and a one-off software installation is required. The introduction of libraries enables the reuse of diagnostic functions and sequences between projects for different model ranges, vehicles, and ECUs. According to the supplier the extended workspace templates allow users of the DTS Monaco engineering tester to reach their goals faster.

As an alternative to the full software package, there is a more compact Production and Aftersales package available. This makes it possible to select only those software components for test benches, service testers etc. that are actually needed.

The on-board voltage and ignition status are displayed directly. In the HMI controls Bus Trace and Symbolic Trace for CAN identifiers, the ECU names can be shown as plain text. An additional display mode of the Bus Trace makes it possible to represent 29-bit CAN identifiers in "J1939 style". In the ODX authoring system DTS Venice, new databases can be created as DTS projects from the outset to enable the testing of data changes.

It is also possible to derive new ECU variants from existing ones using an assistant. The detailed comparison of two elements (e.g. variants) with the Database Differ can be launched directly from the navigation area. Registered users with a maintenance and service package receive the upgrade free of charge. The test tool works in engineering, testing, manufacturing, and aftersales service.

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