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Automotive tests in real-time OS

The data-logger M-LOG V3 is the further development of the M-LOG series of Ipetronik (Germany). It is suitable for automotive testing and real-time operating systems (OS).

The unit’s dimensions are158 mm x 69 mm x 102 mm (Photo: Ipetronik)

THE DATA-LOGGER FEATURES AN INTEL ATOM PROCESSOR BOARD and comes with up to twelve CAN inputs, four digital inputs, and four digital outputs. Data exchange (configuration, measurement data) is ensued via USB and LAN. The unit provides data storage of up to 64 GiB on a removable CFast card with a SATA interface. Additionally, it features complete galvanic isolation for CAN, LAN, and DIG I/O. The product’s configuration is ensured with the company’s Ipemotion data acquisition software.

Data streaming to Ipemotion, Etas Inca, Vector CANape, or other tools is possible via CAN. The Wifi option supports short-distance wireless data connections, while the modem option supports long-distance wireless data connections.
The unit comes without fans, hard drives, or other mechanical rotating components. The 1024 MiB main storage size offers a performance increase when working with extensive configurations. The functions Wake-on-CAN and No-Message-Lost provide data acquisition starting with the first CAN message on all CAN networks to be measured. A speed option is also included, which enables the preprocessing of measuring signals on a CAN card reducing the CPU load. The product is 100 % compatible to M-LOG port replicators.

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