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Update for configuration software

CSM (Germany) has released version 1.27 of UniCAN 2 Professional Tools. This configuration software for the data loggers UniCAN 2 Professional and UniCAN 2 selects added channels automatically.

The UniCAN 2 Professional (Photo: CSM)

WITH THIS UPDATE, ADDED CHANNELS are selected automatically in the channel group for changing further parameters. The software has improved error checking of inactive CAN interfaces. The tool is adapted to version 1.02 of the CSM Extended CANdb software.

In the installation manual, the instructions for safe handling of the data loggers were modified. The configuration software can be downloaded on the company’s download section.

UniCAN 2 CAN data logger

The FPGA-/µ-controller-based CAN data loggers of the UniCAN 2 series come with protection against loss of data: The CSM REC09 data file system provides a consistent data storage condition on the CF card. An interruption of the power supply or even removing the CF card from the card slot during recording will be detected by the firmware. Once the supply voltage is back on again or a CF card is reinserted, the recording process will be automatically resumed. The data blocs recorded are arranged in chronological order when analyzing and transferring data. As a rule, a maximum of five seconds of the data to be recorded will be lost. The data loggers have a memory access on CF cards.

The data loggers come with four CAN interfaces, with optional electrical isolation. Concomitant recording of CAN-trace and of signals in respectively up to eight groups with own trigger and filter conditions can be done. Remote data transmission over a UMTS/GPRS modem is simultaneously possible with the data collection. The data logger supports J1939 with the full support of the transport protocol and online triggering of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes entailed in the DM1-message. The UniCAN 2 data loggers are offered in different hardware and software-expansion stages.

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