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Autonomous transmission of CAN messages

The DLx-MUX-Diag-II data-logger from Exxotest (France) is based on the company’s USB-MUX-Diag-II communication interface. It allows the acquisition of data exchanged on CAN, LIN, and ISO 9141 networks.

The DLx-MUX-Diag II data-logger (Photo: Exxotest)

THE DATA-LOGGER ALSO ALLOWS autonomous transmissions of CAN messages. Totally autonomous, it offers a recording capacity of 4 GiB (expandable) and is available in two case designs, open case (removable and interchangeable memory card), and closed case (memory card not extractable).
The product gets delivered with a remote control and Exxotest DLC configuration and data retrieval software. It provides two types of connectors, industrial non-intrusive and standard, and different pinouts adapted to several car manufacturers. Although intended to be used as an independent data-logger, the DLx-MUX-Diag-II maintains all features of the USB-MUX-Diag-II communication interface.

The DLx-MUX-Diag II data-logger (Photo: Exxotest)

USB communication interfaces

The USB-MUX-Diag-II communication interface allows a direct connection to the ISO J1962 centralized diagnostic connector of the vehicle. The product allows to interface a PC to CAN, J1939, NMEA 2000, LIN, ISO9141, as well as through two digital or analog inputs.


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