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Providing SocketCAN support

The Anagate CAN adapters by Analytica (Germany) now provide support for SocketCAN. This means, users have access to the CAN network under the Linux operating system.

(Photo: Analytica)

SOCKETCAN IS AN OFFICIAL PART of the Linux kernel and therefore the standard interface to CAN hardware under Linux operating systems. It was contributed by Volkswagen as open source to the kernel – formerly known as Low Level CAN Framework (LLCF).

Analytica has offered professional products for access to CAN networks under the brand Anagate for a few years. Up to now, all CAN adapters of Analytica are controlled via PC by a universal programming library for Windows and Linux. In addition, the access via the open SocketCAN interface is now supported under Linux.

Traditional CAN drivers are based on a character oriented model often in exclusive access mode. Typically, the access to different CAN resources is differently presented to the application layer, which results in portability problems. The SocketCAN concept extends the Berkely Socket API of the operating system by introducing a new protocol family (PF_CAN) for access of available CAN hardware. Initialization and usage of the sockets is identical to classic TCP/IP communication.

SocketCAN may be used as an alternative programming interface to the already existing Anagate API with all Anagate CAN adapters of Analytica including the models interconnected by Ethernet.

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