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Vehicle testing kit

For real-world driving studies

The Vehicle Testing Kit (VTK) by Ergoneers (Germany) is a solution for testing and benchmarking vehicles and running naturalistic driving studies. It consists of a box PC which is powered with D-Lab3 measurement and analysis modules.

(Photo: Ergoneers)

THE KIT CONSISTS OF AN ALL-IN-ONE BOX automotive computer which is powered with D-Lab3 measurement and analysis modules. D-Lab3 is an adaptable software for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral studies. The automotive computer provides several connectivity options such as CAN, USB, LAN, and EIA-232. The VTK is made to be used in standard vehicles and offers several connectivity options to analyze and benchmark a car together with human behaviour. The VTK allows to measure and analyze synchronously common driver behavioral data (Eye-Tracking, Video, Audio), driver performance data (CAN network data of the car, Mobileye, GPS) and experimental leader inputs (triggers, notes) using a standardized setup which is ready to use.

VTK is an all-in-one solution to equip test vehicles (Photo: Ergoneers)

Data analysis

The kit analyzes the driver performance data using the integrated statistics function and analyzes all values per subject and/or across all subjects. Users can integrate all components of the kit in their test vehicle and establish cable connections between components. Additionally users can connect the kit to the 12 V power supply of the car. The kit enables users to freely define their D-Lab3 cockpit and observe all values in real-time. The product allows recording all values synchronously and users can see live data while driving. The VTK provides an removable hard disk for secure data export

Automotive Computer X X X
Microphones (2x) + X X
USB Video Camers (4x) + X X
Mobileye® Sensor + - X
GPS Sensor + - X
Dikablis Professional Cable + - X
D-Lab Audio Professional + X X
D-Lab Video Essential + X X
D-Lab CAN Bus Essential + X X
D-Lab CAN Bus Professional + - X
D-Lab Steam Essential + - X
D-Lab Data Steam Professional + - X
D-Lab Eye-Tracking Head Mounted Professional + - X

The Vehicle Testing Kit is available in three different versions; find key components of the different versions here (Photo: Ergoneers)

An example of usage of the kit is: benchmark studies, naturalistic driving studies, evaluation studies in real traffic, evaluation of driver information systems in real traffic, and evaluation of driver assistance systems in real traffic.

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