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Kit for surround view applications

Renesas Electronics has announced the ADAS Surround View Kit. Due to increasing complexity of ADAS systems, Renesas provides solutions that enable quick time to market for automotive system manufacturers.

The product is available now, with shipping scheduled to begin in December 2015 (Photo: Renesas)

ON JULY 16, THE COMPANY INTRODUCED ITS ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Starter Kit, designed to be used in a wide spectrum of applications. The kit is an extension of the ADAS Starter kit, and can simplify and accelerate the development of surround view applications when combined with the ADAS Starter Kit in particular, says the company. Surround view applications are expected to play a major role in future cars, providing additional comfort and safety features.

The kit combines automotive cameras from Integrated Micro-electronics and multiple gigabit multimedia serial links (GMSL) from Maxim Integrated Products on a miniature automotive chassis. This eliminates the need for system manufacturers to source and set up all these specific automotive components themselves for their surround view development.

(Photo: Renesas)

The kit also provides a two-channel CAN interface and a gigabit Ethernet connector interface for in-car applications, where the model chassis is not used. Once connected via an on-board extension connector to the already available ADAS Starter Kit, the ADAS Surround View Kit provides processing performance to system manufacturers.

It is based on the performance of Renesas’ R-Car H2 SoC (System-on-Chip), which is capable of delivering more than 25,000 DMIPS and providing 3D graphics capabilities as well as vision processing cores. The R-Car H2 SoC supports up to four independent input HD camera channels, allowing implementation of 360° camera views and object recognition.

The kit is supported by the Yocto distribution that is also used for other R-Car evaluation boards. In addition, Renesas will provide sample applications that will help system manufacturers to use the ADAS Surround View Kit, and accelerate the development of dedicated hardware and software solutions for future ADAS applications.

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