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Recording and reading CAN messages

The piCAN-Logger by Pironex (Germany) is a data-logger for continuous mobile operation in road trials and fleet management. It supports CANopen and Energybus.

The data-logger comes with real-time clock with backup battery (Photo: Pironex)

THE DATA-LOGGER HAS BEEN DESIGNED for recording and reading CAN messages. The captured data can be visualized either in real-time or cached for later analysis on an integrated μSD card. The CAN messages are received, stored and filtered according to the configurations.

The logger acquires the data and stores it on an exchangeable μSD card for further processing, configuration, and visualization. All settings of the measurement configuration can be made conveniently via the Windows software. The aluminum housing allows the use of the data-logger in harsh environment and offers numerous mounting options. Its temperature range ranges from -20 °C to +60 °C. The device is powered by the USB port (5 VDC) or via the Energybus interface (12 VDC). The open form of firmware as well as the performance of the microcontroller allow the integration of the device into Energybus systems.

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