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CAN-USB adapter

Adapter for low-speed CAN

The Tiny-CAN LS by MHS Elektronik (Germany) is a CAN-USB adapter which detects open-circuit leakages or short-circuit faults. It supports CANopen and J1939.

The product comes with CANopen and J1939 functionality (Photo: MHS Elektronik)

Tiny-CAN LS is a CAN-USB adapter for low-speed CAN according to ISO 11898-3 with a TJA1055T as a line-driver unit. When the adapter detects open-circuit leakages or short- circuit faults, the CAN transceiver switches to the single-wire mode. The mistake is then reported to the Tiny-CAN API and visualized by the Tiny-CAN Monitor.

The hardware, which is equipped with a Cortex-M3 (32 bit), has got the capacity to buffer 1000 CAN messages, supports hardware timestamps, the silent mode, and is able to confirm the successful transmittance of CAN messages. Developers are provided with a free development package with a multitude of program examples for the languages C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, Python, and Labview under the operating systems Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux. CANopen, J1939, OBD, and more are being covered by free and commercial third-party tools.

A simple CAN-trace can be run by the graphic open source tool Tiny-CAN Monitor. The filtering feature facilitates the analysis of CAN networks. The macro function is a great help with sending CAN messages. It is also possible to send messages periodically. The open source tool has been developed using GTK+ for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and the Raspberry Pi.


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