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Measuring system

14 CAN channels for test vehicles

In-tech’s Orange Rack equips test vehicles with a plug-and-play measuring system. The integrated breakout unit allows users to access a variety of different channels, among them CAN.

The measuring system has 14 CAN channels (Photo: In-tech)

The integrated data logger offers an opportunity for integrating different types of data loggers – depending on the intended application. The breakout unit supports all types of vehicle measurements, be it CAN, LIN, Flexray, OBD or analog signals. Depending on the application, users are able to record and measure a wide variety of signals in a vehicle. The unit offers 14 CAN networks.

The system has its own power supply in order not to adversely affect the vehicle’s electrical system. The integrated battery provides the measuring system with power without having an impact on the on-board electrical system and is charged by means of the built-in power supply. The system also shows the current supply voltage of the test vehicle. If the vehicle’s battery is low or dead, it is possible to use the system’s boost function to start the vehicle.

In-tech was founded in 2002 as a student start-up in Germany. It is a growing engineering company with a concentration on automotive electronics. As a specialist for complete service packages in the field of automotive electronics, the company offers services covering the development, testing, and analysis of electronic vehicle components. The consulting division advises in the organization and conception of larger projects. The company also develops hardware and software for electronic testing.


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