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Sensor platform for battery-free operation

ON Semiconductor teamed up with RFMicron to develop a plug-and-play development tool. It speeds up the deployment of wireless passive sensor solutions onto IoT cloud platforms.

(Photo: ON Semiconductor)

The IoT Platform Development Kit (SENSORRFGEVK) brings together a series of computing and connectivity modules to facilitate the deployment of battery-free wireless sensing technology and IoT hardware in locations where power and space constraints are of concern. This solution moves much of the system’s intelligence away from where the sensors are situated, placing it in the cloud.

Each kit incorporates ON Semiconductor’s battery-free wireless sensor tags, which use RFMicron’s Magnus S2 Sensor IC, and can perform temperature, moisture, pressure, and proximity sensing functions. The platform also features a UHF RFID reader module with 32 dBm power rating and an 860 MHz to 960 MHz frequency range. Localized data processing is performed by the ARM Cortex-A8 based AM335x system-on-chip (SoC). The platform has the capacity to transfer captured data either wirelessly or using a wireline infrastructure, for example via CAN.

“This IoT Platform Development Kit opens up greater opportunities for IoT-based data-acquisition/monitoring enabling the implementation of wireless sensors quickly and effectively into many applications. Using it, the data from multiple sensors can rapidly be accessed, analyzed and used on multiple backend networks,” stated Gary Straker, Vice President and General Manager of Protection and Signal Division at ON Semiconductor.

The platform also possesses a touch-enabled user interface, plus LEDs, headers, and switches. The accompanying software allows the platform to fit into supported networks, serving as a dedicated node. Built-in application firmware assists engineers in implementing IoT-based data-acquisition/monitoring systems.

The combination of all the functions above in a single self-contained board creates an integration tool that IoT platforms can use to evaluate wireless sensing technology in their ecosystems.


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