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SRDO configuration module extended

Emtas (Germany) has released a new version of its CANopen Device Explorer development tool. It comes with an improved SRDO configuration module.

(Photo: Emtas)

The CANopen Device Explorer is a tool for development, testing, diagnostics, and service tasks. It provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices. Information about each CANopen device is read from the electronic data sheet of the device, or can be scanned directly from the device. Using standardized device configuration files (DCF), device configurations can be saved or imported. Additionally, data of entire CANopen networks can be stored in project files.

An increasing number of companies plan to integrate CANopen safety (EN 50325-5) by using Safety Relevant Data Objects (SRDOs) in their devices. Up to now, the configuration and analysis of SRDOs have not been covered well by basic CANopen tools. The new version of Emtas’ CANopen Device Explorer aims to fill this gap. The CANopen interpretation module of the tool is now able to interpret SRDO messages according to their mappings and the process values are displayed for both normal and inverted messages next to the raw CAN data. Additionally, the analyzer detects violations of both the safety cycle-time (SCT) and the safety validation time (SRVT).

The configuration of the SRDOs settings and the mapping of the process data are supported by a configuration dialog, which is also able to verify the settings and to calculate the CRC checksum for the configuration of the SRDOs. It can also read the data from a device or EDS file and send the configuration directly to the devices.

Like Emtas tools, the CANopen Device Explorer is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It also supports a couple of different CAN interfaces from various manufacturers. The CANopen stack from Emtas supports SRDOs as well.


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