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CAN-to-USB data-logger

CAN FD capable troubleshooting tool

Kvaser has introduced the Memorator Pro 2xHS v2, a dual channel CAN-to-USB interface and data-logger. It allows users to monitor and log data from two CAN or CAN FD channels using one device.

Dual channel, CAN FD compliant interface and data-logger with scripting capabilities for troubleshooting CAN networks (Photo: Kvaser)

The data-logger provides a number of features such as message filtering, triggers, error detection, and generation, silent mode, an expandable SD card slot and galvanic isolation. Capable of handling memory cards up to 64 GiB, this device provides days of data logging, making it suitable for troubleshooting CAN networks in the field. Critically, with such a large memory capacity, customers can use the latest version of the Kvaser Memorator Config Tool to split the log files and export them in sections, making data handling easier.

Another feature of the CAN-to-USB interface is its ability to run user-developed scripts. Like Kvaser’s Eagle interface and data-logger, the Memorator Pro 2xHS v2’s programming functionality allows users to develop customized applications written in the Kvaser programming language, such as CAN protocol converters, CAN gateways, and CAN logging functionality. Application-specific programs for this device will also be available from Kvaser’s network of technical associates, each of which has different domain expertise. As such, this device is designed to appeal to engineers in industries as broad ranging as automotive development, machine control, and industrial network connectivity.

Lars-Berno Fredriksson, president of Kvaser commented: “This two channel combined interface and data-logger in Kvaser’s trademark form factor is our most advanced yet. The extra memory capacity on the Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 makes it the ultimate troubleshooter, providing the headroom needed to detect intermittent faults over several days or weeks. Along with the capacity to split log files during extraction, users won’t find themselves combining successive log files from two or three different memory cards ever again.”

The product has two 9 pin Dsubs, and one USB connector. When connected to the host computer, the data-logger is automatically in interface mode and when connected only to CAN, it is in data-logger mode. It also has an internal battery to handle short periods of power loss during logging.

The device is compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000, and Devicenet. This device is also CAN FD compliant up to 8 Mbit/s. It is supported in the latest versions of CANLIB and Kvaser Memorator Config Tool software. The data-logger has been shown live at the Automotive Testing Expo 2016.


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