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Telematics development

Creating vehicle data solutions based on CAN

Squarell (The Netherlands) offers the Flex Telematics Development Kit (TDK). The tool lets users create their own telematics vehicle data solution.

Flex is part of the range of Squarell solutions for obtaining vehicle data (Photo: Squarell)

With the TDK, users are able to install the Flex in vehicles equipped with CAN. The Flex is Squarell’s multi-source vehicle data interface that processes vehicle data of any kind. Knowing more about the fleet gives advantages in different ways including vehicle safety, fuel-saving, fleet costs reduction, and enhanced driver awareness. The TDK starter kit enables users to create their own telematics vehicle data solution.

The kit’s content (Photo: Squarell)

With configurable functionality and extended connectivity Flex can be used in automotive applications like telematics, real time monitoring, measurement, and interfacing. The kit offers more than just streaming data: It processes the data to provide it to users in order to accomplish advanced fleet management.

The TDK provides the means to create vehicle data solutions based on CAN, J1708, and K-line. This kit enables users for example to make an on-desk simulation for a driving truck, to make CAN scans from vehicles, to replay CAN scans in the user’s on desk simulation, or to install the Flex in a truck connected to a telematics solution. After using this kit set up, both Flex devices can be reused in any supported vehicle.


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