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CAN FD in remaining bus simulations

The Flex Config RBS software of the Star Cooperation is a configuration tool for remaining bus simulations and gateways in the automotive area. Version 4.1, extends the application to CAN FD.

An attuned system: Flex Config RBS, Flex Config Analyzer and Flex Device-L (Photo: Star Cooperation)

With the Flex Config RBS software, engineers, developers, and technicians can generate gateway configurations or remaining bus simulations partly automated. In combination with the Flex Device product family, they have a system for control unit and integration tests at their hands. The benefit: after connecting with a power source, the robust Flex Device tools can operate configured gateways and remaining bus simulations autonomously and within a very short time. No personal computer is necessary during operation.

In addition to the CAN and Flexray bus systems, release 4.1 also supports CAN FD and Ethernet. The integrated manipulation editor, over which the data can be influenced actively at all times during operation, has also been expanded. Visualization with the Android software Flex Config Analyzer can be performed simultaneously to the execution of gateways or remaining bus simulations. The release is completed with the support of the current Fibex and Autosar bus description formats in order to ensure a smooth application for different OEMs.


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