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Control system

Measurement systems for test benches

IMC (Germany) offers measurement and control systems for test benches. CAN is part of these systems.

One system for measurement, real-time control, test automation, and analysis (Photo: IMC)

By combining both real time automation and control and measurement technology in one integrated system, IMC offers measurement devices and software solutions that can help to solve challenges in component testing tasks. Additionally, this can speed up processes in both design and operation of test stands.

With the company’s Studio Automation software and its graphical design tools, the definition of automated test loops and procedures can be conducted. This applies also for exception handling and background threshold monitoring. With included real‑time data processing and control capabilities, these measurement devices – for example the C-Series and Cronos-Compact by ICM – are suitable for component test stands. Their integrated PLC functionality executes the test automation. Integration into new or existing environments is often required at test stands. Measurement systems like the C-Series offer both software and hardware interfaces such as imc COM and Labview Vis, as well as CAN and Ethernet. The company offers a portfolio of hardware and software components, which includes universal amplifiers or distributable systems with modular software functionalities and plug-and-play.

he C-Series provides CAN interfaces, eight analog universal inputs for various sensors, digital I/Os for control tasks, and an integrated real time platform for live analysis and automated control. The Cronos-Compact offers 128 analog inputs in one system, interfaces such as CAN, LIN, Flexray, and Ethercat, as well as a standalone operation without PC supported.


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